Learning About Robots and Coding!


Where to start?

A lot of sites offer great ways to learn and experiment with robots and programming. Google is a great resource - searching for robots or coding and ‘for kids’ will help you find the most current resources, but here is a list of a few places to start.

Code.org – Hour of Code

Start here for a lot of free samples of educational programs made for ‘Hour of Code,’ designed for new learners to experiment with programming for an hour. Sortable by grade level. Code.org is a great resource to find ways to learn.

Click for Hour of Code activities!

Click to learn about robots!

Click to learn with Minecraft!


CodeCombat is a platform for students to learn computer science while playing through a real game.

Click to play CodeCombat!


Another great general resource is Tynker. It has a little bit of everything – coding, robotics, games like Minecraft. There are free samples you can try, but most of the material requires subscription.

Try Code Monsters!

Try Code Commander!

For More Experienced Creators

For a slightly more advanced opportunity, here are some sites that let you experiment with programming for virtual robots. Can be a little complex, but worth it!

RoboMind Academy

Experiment with virtual robots!

RoboMind Hour of Code


Learn to code with a virtual robots!


Real Robots

If you want a ‘real’ robot, here are a couple good sources of physical robots and kits you can play with, build and program.


Makeblock has great kits and prebuilt robots to learn coding, like Rocky and the mBot.

MakeBlock Codey Rocky

MakeBlock mBot


LittleBits have fun kits that are a little expensive, but very easy to build and play with.

LittleBits Inventor Kits

Nintendo Labo

If you own a Nintendo Switch, the Labo is a fun addition that lets you build and play using cardboard!

Labo Kits

Libraries and Makerspaces

A lot of libraries have areas where you can experiment and learn without having to buy the hardware, and there may be a makerspace near you that offers classes and hardware you can use while you're there.


Make: maintains a directory of makerspaces around the world.

Makerspace Directory

The Maker Map

The Maker Map is another resource for finding places to learn.

Maker Map

2D Art!

If you want to draw and animate your own robots or cats, here are some fun and free online pixel art and animation tools.